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We know it is not always easy to get your friends and family to help you collect donations. This is why we have compiled some of the best advice for you.  You will find below all the tips from our best collectors to help you in your collection efforts. 



Customise your page and share it!

Most donations come from your family and friends, who want to help you, as much as the cause you are supporting. So, personalise your page as much as possible: explain what motivates you, tell your friends why you care and why they should support you.  And don't forget to add a photo of yourself!

To customise your content, go to the bottom of your collection page and click on the "manage my page" button or log in directly to your account.

Can't find your personal collection page? No worries!

Click here and go directly to your dedicated space and then to your personal page by logging in

OR find your personal page on the page of the organisation you are supporting ("find out more" button in the list of participating organisations)


Campaign kick-off 

Stay informed

Visit our website and follow us on social networks for up-to-date information and photos. 

Make the first donation

Show your commitment and set an example! Start your fundraising by making a first donation on your page. Choose the amount carefully, as it will serve as a reference for your friends. All donations will be decisive in the continuation of the projects of each beneficiary organisation: it is thanks to the mobilisation of all that we will be able to make these projects succeed.

Send an email to invite your friends to your personal page

Inform your friends and family of your commitment. A seemingly insignificant gesture, but it works. Here is an example you can use as inspiration. You can also copy and paste it.

Email example:

Dear friends,

On Sunday 4th June 2023, I will be taking part in the Race for Gift. This charity race will take place in Geneva, at the Rotonde du Mont Blanc. Race for Gift is the first charity race in Switzerland, and it allows everyone to get involved with one of the beneficiary organisations and to collect donations in its favour.

I would like to take part in this race to contribute to a better world. Please help me to raise at least CHF 300 by 3rd June 2023, by making a secure donation on my personal page.

Every donation count, contribute to make the world a better place with me.

Thank you in advance for your support!



Your friends haven't replied? Send them a second email. Remind them of your commitment and your objective, and encourage them to support your campaign. Here's an example you can use as inspiration, or copy and paste.

Email example:

Dear friends,

As you know, I am participating in the Race for Gift and collecting donations to support one of the organisations that benefit from the race. Several people have already supported me by making a donation and have left an encouraging message that you can find on my page.

You too can support me by making a donation for a more united world on my personal page. It's simple and completely secure. Each donation goes entirely to the organisation I support, so don't hesitate to make a donation!

Thank you in advance, I know I can count on you!

PS: if you also want to run, register on


Keep track of time

Let your loved ones know that time is running out and remind them how important their donation is.

Here is an example, which you can use as inspiration, or copy and paste!  


Email example:

Dear Friends,

My campaign to participate in Race for Gift and support a charity is about to end and all I need is your donation to reach my goal.

Many of my friends and family have already supported me and there is still time for you to join in my fundraising. The participation in this race is very important to me and only you can help me to reach my goal. Let's not stop so close to the goal!

Thank you in advance for your support, I know I can count on you. There are still a few days left, I am counting on you!

Thank you for your support!



This little word is perhaps the most important of all. Thanking each donor personally is important, don't miss this step!

Here is a message you can use as inspiration... or copy and paste. You can also thank your donors directly on social networks.  

Email example:

Dear friend,

THANK YOU! I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and know that I can count on you. Between the two of us, and with all the participants, we are contributing to a better world. This cause is very close to my heart and I am proud to contribute to it with you.

I hope that many others will follow your example,

Yours sincerely,